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April 6, 2023

This, new friends is where it happens now. This space used to house our au pairs (fancy way of saying “nannies”.)  When the pandemic happened and the world stopped, we did a mega-reset and transformed it into a virtual home studio.

With the help of my multi-talented husband (who also hails from the TV news industry), we created a beautiful high-tech haven for me to connect with my clients around the world. It was a DIY labor of love.

Now, this space is dedicated to helping you expose your gifts, ignite the fire of your talents and show your authentic self how to shine through.

So, whether I’m working with you here in my virtual studio or with you on big stage, I can help you find the confidence you need through the best communication tools and strategies. Think of me as your tour guide, giving you a road map toward better communication.


I'm Tricia Majors

A communications coach who believes anyone is capable of being a strong, dynamic, and natural presenter.

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