Present Like a Pro will help you:
Gain respect
Improve your business results 
Uncover new opportunities

Present Like a Pro is a self-paced course, delivered to the comfort of your office.
This six-step, actionable system will guide you to efficiently and systematically create concise, impactful presentations and deliver them with clarity and confidence.
For the conference room, the board room or the big stage.


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Melannie O'Connor

"Tricia Majors is a singular professional in every aspect...

She never ceases to captivate and resonate through intelligence, innovation and inspiration. Tricia's uncanny ability to assess and provide exactly what her client needs, exactly how her client needs it--is a testament to her experience and acumen. But there's more to her mastery. Tricia meets every client with a fresh approach, born of her own dedication to learning and leadership. She devours new research, develops new methods, and deploys new techniques--with a passion. All of this comes in service to her clients.

customized coaching

1-on-1 or Group Training

Customize your communication training experience. Whether you’re preparing for a high-stakes keynote or want to empower your team to distill their messages everyday, I will meet you where you are.
Available virtual or on-site. Let's connect to talk about your goals. Schedule below:


Taped Review by Tricia

Personalized Video Feedback

If you’re looking for a clear picture of your current strengths, skillset, and opportunities for growth and you would like to identify a path to get credit for your ideas and persuade and influence your audiences, this is for you. 

Feel empowered, excited and prepared to learn, develop and grow with a personalized video feedback from Tricia Majors.

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Yes, Send me a personalized taped review!

We see the results immediately. We have worked with Tricia for almost 10 years.
Tricia is #1 and five stars... the BEST!

Kim Noordt-Jackson
KTRK, Houston, TX


I love her enthusiasm and energy. It's simply motivating and inspiring from the start!

Richelle Carey
Chief executive officer

I worked with Tricia in my early days of local TV news. The techniques I learned from her helped me in my next job as an anchor at CNN.

Luiz Andre Lobo

Tricia is a skillful media professional with proven experience in newscasting and communications consulting. 

Melissa Etezadi

Tricia’s years of expertise working with companies of all sizes allows her to understand what her clients need. 

What will this look like?

Your Initial Consultation

We'll hit the ground running in our first virtual session as we identify goals to accomplish your specific communication objectives. I’ll meet you exactly where you are to ensure you enjoy immediate growth and see progress.

Personalize Your Process

Some people make such massive headway in their first meeting that they're content with the “one and done” approach. Others prefer a series of regular virtual sessions to continuously expand their skillset and apply their learnings in their daily meetings and communication exchanges.

Transform Your Presentations

All sessions will include a variety of coaching, practical structures, application of tips and strategy as well as recording, reviewing, refining and repeating.  

Get Started

What can I help you with?

You may want to prepare for something very specific, like a high-stakes presentation, a panel discussion, or a virtual pitch.
Or, you want to up level your overall ability to connect with and mobilize your audience every single day. In both cases, you will emerge from this training as a stronger and more confident presenter. 

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