Actionable Tip of the Day

Nail Your Presentation

April 7, 2023

Actionable Tip of the Day

In Just 5 Steps!

1. Nailing your presentation begins with strategy. You decide what your success looks like. Imagine in your mind’s eye what you say, and what you look and sound like when you’re connecting, persuading and influencing your audience.

2. Pick your pronoun and fill in the blanks below. How will someone describe you to someone that missed your presentation?

3. He/She/They said_______________________and came across as very____________________________.

4. Take the actionable steps necessary to create your result.

5. If you struggled with finding your actionable steps… stand by. I’ll be unveiling those steps here in future posts!


I'm Tricia Majors

A communications coach who believes anyone is capable of being a strong, dynamic, and natural presenter.

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